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CDL Logistics Ltd

CDL Logistics Ltd

CDL offers a complete storage, fulfilment and distribution service that acts as a natural extension to your supply chain, whatever your needs.

We have the ability to tailor your fulfilment into respective sales channels of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) which are aligned to the various multi-channel inputs, such as online, EPOS, Accounting and MRP systems.

CDL manages complex long-term order fulfilment solutions, including product, merchandise, and POS. We also have the ability to manage campaigns and 'one - off' promotions, whatever the market sector or size.

Our Internet based Integrated Fulfilment System (IFS) provides seamless automation of multiple sales/marketing channels, giving clients 24/7 real time access to stock figures, order processing, tracking details and management reports, all via a secure Extranet login.

Best of all, our pricing mirrors your business activity, so if your activity is low so are our charges giving you peace of mind.


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C D L Logistics, The I O Centre, Armstrong Road, Royal Arsenal, London, UK
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