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To complement your importing requirements, Buckle Shipping has a brand-new, high-spec, carbon-neutral warehouse for storing goods of all types, and varying quantities.

Just 20 miles from the Port of Felixstowe and with good proximity to London Gateway and Tilbury, the warehouse is fully bonded for all your long and short-term storage requirements, whether or not you use our freight forwarding services. This prime location in the Freeport East Zone ensures nationwide logistics coverage and international market access.

Based at the new Port One Logistics Park, which is set to be the UK’s largest logistics park, the warehouse has an expansive 78,000 square feet of ground space, with the unusual benefit, unlike traditional warehousing, of racking up to 8 pallets high. With varying storage height spaces ranging from 1.2m to 2.7m, the warehouse offers 12,000+ spaces in our racking and a further 2,000+ spaces on a two-story mezzanine. Providing the goods fit on a standard 4-way or euro pallet, at least 1,000 kgs can fit in each racking space, while we have the unique ability to store heavier or bulkier cargo on the mezzanine, it suits most storage needs.

With two onsite container lifts, which offer a unique selling point that enhances efficiency and convenience, alongside HMRC accreditation as a fully bonded warehouse the business has plans to handle food with a BRCGS certification. The facility has everything for every need.

With state-of-the-art electric VNA forklifts (very narrow aisles), and inventory warehouse WMS (warehouse management system), it boasts indoor unloading bays and a large outside area under a canopy to protect cargo from the weather.

The warehouse perimeter is securely fenced off and with state-of-the-art security 24/7 security and CCTV monitoring inside and outside with the entire Logistics Park to be further secured allowing only pre-registered vehicles to pass the 24/7 security barrier.


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