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Alpine Fire Engineers has unrivalled experience in the Logistics and Distribution sector delivering highly integrated bespoke fire protection solutions. With regulatory reforms, various insurance requirements, numerous design standards and a constantly evolving service sector it is vital that a project is supported and commissioned by an accredited company.

Alpine is an LPC level 4 accredited company which ensures that their clients receive accurate, up to date and invaluable information at whatever stage of the process it is required. The Project Engineering team, who are fully conversant with both LPC BS EN 12845 and FM Global specifications, engage early to support their customers from the initial planning stage right through to interpreting employer's requirements. They will also comfortably liaise directly with insurers to ensure design standards and specifications are met whilst delivering a cost effective and high-performance solution to mitigate their customers risk.

As important as the design and commissioning is the ongoing planned maintenance and testing of the system by appropriately trained personnel or certified companies as noted by the LPCB guidelines.

Alpine directly employs a nationwide team of highly skilled Service Engineers who will inspect automatic fire suppression systems as part of a planned and preventative maintenance regime, which is vital to ensure deployment and optimal performance when the system is needed. Planned maintenance schedules are tailored to the needs of each site ensuring that the requirements of LPCB 1048 guidelines and those of the insurers are met.

Alpine provide specific sprinkler training and awareness courses for employees, delivered at the site where they work, with programmes to suit each business and complement our planned maintenance products.


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