Webinar: Peter Ward on Life After Lockdown, 15 July 2020 Copy

June 24, 2020

UKWA CEO Peter Ward has been invited to contribute to a series of ‘Life After Lockdown’ webinars by Syft, a leading temporary jobs agency serving employers in the industrial, hospitality & events sectors and a new associate member with UKWA.

The half hour webinar, looking at how businesses can prepare for the road ahead post COVID lockdown, will be broadcast on Weds 15th July at 11am.

Covid-19 has brought a series of complex challenges to the logistics sector. With the surge in demand having largely settled, the Logistics community is now wondering how to prepare, conduct and maintain future business operations in the post-lockdown period, which is expected to bring continued growth and opportunities for success despite COVID.

Ramping up to meet increased demand, businesses must prioritise protecting their workers from the COVID-19 infection, which means raising hygiene and cleaning efforts, maintaining social distancing, introducing staggered shift patterns and using technology to minimise the risk for everyone.

Peter will discuss:

  • The major challenges facing companies across logistics and supply chain during Covid-19.
  • How organisations can prepare their workplace to ensure compliance with new guidelines.
  • New technologies and efficiencies that have emerged during lockdown.
  • What the future of logistics and supply chain looks like post-COVID.

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