Border and Protocol Delivery Group – FAQ

January 12, 2021

Q: Which Inland Border Facilities are operational and where can we verify the services these offer?
A: Details about all the Inland Border Facilities can be found here .

Q: Can you confirm the contact details for the Border Operations Centre?
A: Please send queries or comments to

Q:  On Origin rules from EU into UK; As long as preference statement is on invoice, this is sufficient for not paying duties, REX number as of 6000 Euro not required (and can be sent retroactively), but if a customer does not include the REX number on the preference statement, obtaining it retrospectively instead – is an amendment required? Any guidance how would this be handled?
A: The new Rules of Origin Guidance can be found here .

Q: Is specific guidance available on the simplifications for alcohol and spirits between EU and UK?
A: Guidance can be found here .

Q: As a port authority we had an enquiry asking us to issue Bill of Lading for shellfish. We directed them to their carrier and port health, would this be correct in case of future enquiries?
A: A Bill of Lading is a legal transport document issued by a carrier to a shipper.Primarily, the document serves as a legally-binding agreement which helps the carrier process the cargo according to the original contract terms set up by the carrier and shipper or freight owner. The responsibility would not lie with the port authority, the carrier serves the bill of lading when they take control of the goods.

Q: Apparently CHIEF was asking for a Phytosanitary Certificate, but we believe no such requirement exists until 1st April?
A: Regulated plants and plant products imported from the EU between 1 January 2021 and 30 June 2021 will not be subject to customs controls but will remain subject to plant health controls. More information can be found here .

Q: What are the rules for Wood Packaging Material from the EU? We were advised in
the event of no deal heat treatment was required however what is the impact of the FTA?
A: Guidance on Wood Packaging Material including contact details in case of any
queries can be found here .

Q: How will operation Brock be notified of the negative test that has been completed before reaching Kent to avoid Sevington if Border ready?
A: Drivers receive their negative test to their phone. The entrance to the Green Lane
in Brock has operatives who will ask (socially-distanced) for evidence of the negative test.

Q: Do we know what type of COVID tests are being used at these sites?
A: Information can be found here