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23rd January

Carbon Trust Implementation Services provides expert support to warehouse and logistics companies that are looking to cut energy costs by implementing new lighting or heating equipment.

The new service introduces warehouses to established suppliers of energy efficient equipment, that are accredited by the Carbon Trust. It helps warehouse companies obtain a set of high quality proposals and competitive quotes for an energy efficiency project.

The Carbon Trust delivers value to warehouses through energy efficiency:

*             It helps warehouses develop a compelling business case for an energy efficiency project - demonstrating a proven return on investment



*             For no upfront cost, warehouses can obtain high quality proposals and competitive quotes from established equipment suppliers, accredited by the Carbon Trust



*             In partnership with Siemens Financial Services, the Carbon Trust provides affordable financing packages for new equipment and projects, that are designed to pay for themselves



The Carbon Trust helped haulage, freight and warehousing company Maxim Logistics implement a new lighting project, which achieved a payback within 2 years. With two sites in Northamptonshire and eager to cut costs and reduce its carbon footprint, the company called in the Carbon Trust to carry out an on-site carbon survey and identify potential savings. The survey highlighted that warehouse lighting accounted for 93% of the company's annual energy spend.


After applying for an energy efficiency loan, the company received £44,400 towards new lighting, which cost just over £60,000. Thanks to its expected monthly savings and reduced maintenance costs, Maxim Logistics Group will have paid off the loan in under two years.


Ana Zaka, Environment Manager at Maxim Logistics Group, commented: “With the Carbon Trust's support our new lighting system in the warehouse has improved the working environment, and is now more energy efficient and more economic to run.”     


Call the Carbon Trust now on 01908 256902 or complete this form and they will get back to you




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