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20th January

AUTEV UK is a subsidiary of AUTEV AG (established 2001) is a public listed German company that designs, manufactures and implements LED lighting solutions to commercial and industrial enterprises.

Our specialist and award winning knowledge is that of LED lighting technology, in the industrial and commerce business areas, on a worldwide basis. Our principal aims are cost efficiencies and environmental protection.

With the ever increasing energy costs, and the soon to be redundant lighting fixtures (EU directives), the continuous focus to reduce maintenance costs along with pressure to reduce CO2 emissions. By using our own-patented LED technology you would see a minimum of a 40% saving in your lighting energy consumption from day one. Energy savings can be increased by 80%, if our sophisticated control systems are installed. For those companies involved within the cold storage or frozen food storage sectors energy savings can be increased to over 85%.


Due to the longevity of our LED lighting solution, in comparison to conventional lighting (minimum of 5 times longer), maintenance costs are dramatically reduced due to the operational life cycle. The product

contains no hazardous materials unlike conventional lighting fixtures.


Other key benefits include reliability and safety (conforms to the most stringent EU standards), direct return on capital investment and cash flow positive.


Taking into account the above facts AUTEV UK has the solution to improve each of the above criteria.


  • A minimum of 40% in Energy savings.
  • Maintenance costs reduced by 80%.
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) 2-3 years
  • Cash flow positive.
  • No hazardous materials
  • Security and safety enhanced 


Interested in finding out more about AUTEV UK LED lighting solutions, along with the benefits and savings please get in touch:


Reginald Dodd

Tel: 01732-454-041            

Email: reg.dodd@autev.co.uk


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