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13th January

Carlo Mearelli

A plebiscitary vote has elected the Assologistica Executive Member, Mr. Carlo Mearelli as new President of the Association.


The new President is 51 years old, Roman, engineer and CEO of Argol Air Logistics. It has an important curriculum from an industrial, associative and international point of view.


He started is working career in an American multinational company specialized in the after market sell of the aeronautical parts, than he reached Alitalia where he  worked for about 20 years. During this period he has been elected at  the Rome  Provincial Assembly and than he collaborated with Hon. Prof. Ernesto Stajano as Chief of the Technical Secretary to the Presidency of the Commission for Transport, Mail and Telecommunication of the  Chamber of Deputies. Member of the executive board of the provincial agency of  Tourism of Rome, he was called from the President of Rome Province, Mr. Giorgio Fregosi to follow, as Board of Director, the Roman Agency in charge for the organization of the Jubilee of 2000. He supported the Top Manager of Alitalia in the difficult period linked to the alliance of the Italian airline company with the Dutch KLM. He left Alitalia in disagreement with Mr. Cimoli management.


In 2004 he started in ANAS where, as responsible of public relations, engineered new media  and information processes for the road users.


In 2008 the call of a private logistic company: Argol Villanova Group, which asked him to cover the rule of Responsible of Strategy and Development  of the group to which he linked the activity of the management of the Air Cargo.


The new President is Commander of the Italian Republic and President of the IFWLA (International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics Association).


The Logistic venue will be in the middle the spotlight in Rome by hosting, from the 13 to the 16 May 2012, the World Logistic Convention, under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.





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